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About Kutná Hora

The history of Kutna Hora is connected with silver mining. At the beginning of 14th century, upon decree of king Wenceslas II, Kutna Hora has become a centre of coinage in Bohemia. Silver mining and royal mint brought wealth and prosperity to the town and Kutna Hora became the second richest town after Prague in that time. During the Hussite wars Kutna Hora was very hard damaged and mining was suppressed until the second half of 16th century. Development of Kutna Hora was often affected by political changes in 17th century, the periods of war where take turn with relative peace and quietude. Despite the attempts for mining restoration in Kutna Hora, the town has never reached back its ancient glory and it has been constantly loosing its prestige. All periods have left their remarks in the town. You can admire architectonic jewels from gothic, renaissance, baroque and later styles. Thanks to its uniqueness Kutna Hora has been registered as one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

Kutná Hora

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